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CEO Message

‘THESAGA’ has been Manufacturing Governmentally Procured Educational / Office Furniture since its Foundation in October 2020.

THESAGA Co-representatives are Kwang Hoi Ku and Ji-Eun Kim.

Based on 30 years of Furniture Manufacturing Experience and Know-how, We Strive to Produce Durable and Practical Furniture while Pursuing Ergonomic Comfort.

No one can go back and Start Anew, But they can have a Good Ending.

THESAGA Always Respects Workers, Creates a safe Workplace, Researches Together, and Improves Product Quality,
Doing our best to Create a Process that Leads to a Good Outcome.

We will Spare No Effort to become a Leading Company that Contributes to the Local Community and Sets a New Standard for Office Furniture.
We will Continue to Do Our Best in Product Production with an Attitude of Continuous Research and Development to find out what Products Consumers Prefer and Need by taking on New Challenges without Hesitation and Cooperating with all Executives and Employees to Develop Together.

Thank you for your Interest and Support.

Thank you.


Kwang Hoi Ku and Ji-Eun Kim.

Corporate Name (Trade Name) : THESAGACEO : Kwang Hoi Ku, Ji-Eun KimCompany Registration Number : [405-05-99829][Check Business Information]
Tel : +82-53-852-2033Fax : +82-53-852-2034E-mail :
ADDRESS : 60, Jaingongdan-ro, Jain-myeon, Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do (380-2 Gyochon-ri)
Business Hours : Mon-Fri (AM 08:30 - PM 05:30) / Lunch Break : AM 12:30 - PM 01:30)
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